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SpeechGuard is strategically positioned as a multi-purpose tool

  1. Translation tool
    offering a wide range of languages, dialects and linguistic customization choices;
  2. PR/Communication tool
    addressing cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity;
  3. Documentation tool
    documenting important statements, standards, policies, and procedures.;
  4. Professional productivity tool
    streamlining the regular workflow and optimizing it towards greater productivity.

More specifically, SpeechGuard provides the following user benefits:


SpeechGuard provides a vital cost-effective alternative to human live or phone translation services for non-English speakers when such services are unavailable or time/cost-prohibitive. SpeechGuard performs four primary functions:

  • urgent communication
    intended for emergency staff such as first responders, medical, police and other personnel;
  • field communication
    intended for military and civilian field workers: military and police personnel; EPA inspectors; postal and other delivery workers; CENSUS "enumerators";
  • "linguistic triage"
    intended for intake/pre-screening personnel. SpeechGuard will be used for prioritizing the intake subjects (e.g., customers, patients, suspects) by their linguistic abilities and translation needs and for handling the routine, repetitive and intermittent translation tasks, while delegating in-depth lengthy translation sessions to live/phone human translators;
  • mass broadcasts
    intended for riot/crowd control situations as well as for building/business security/ communications/advertising purposes; SpeechGuard will be used as a broadcasting tool for repeated delivery of various messages to linguistically diverse massive audiences.

SpeechGuard offers a wide spectrum of linguistic possibilities

  • a great variety of languages (currently up to 50, extensible to any number of additional languages);
  • linguistic customization for maximum linguistic diversity; allows customers to add dialects, slang or any professional, ethnic or cultural jargon;
  • professional customization for maximum work productivity; allows customers to build their own job-related SpeechGuard lexicons and procedures;
  • psychological customization for maximum human impact: allows customers to use subtle variations in tone of voice, assertiveness, politeness, etc.

SpeechGuard fully utilizes advantages of prerecorded translations by offering carefully selected choices of culturally and ethnically appropriate accents; professionally prepared content; a guarantee of a calm and confident voice (SG will never get angry or rude).


SpeechGuard addresses the growing international and domestic diversity: cultural, ethnic, and linguistic. It provides for culturally and ethnically appropriate customization of accents, lexicons, modes of conversation, interrogation styles, information gathering, professional methods and procedures.

SpeechGuard improves community relations and customer service, expands market share, and facilitates better mutual understanding and cooperation.


In any bilingual exchange - verbal or material - SpeechGuard can be used to document that

  • the proper timing and procedure was observed;
  • the message/product/service was delivered and accepted, and the terms were explained in English, translated and understood in the subject's native language.

It is particularly useful for documenting the offering/delivery and acceptance of

  • important statements, standards, policies, and procedures, etc. (e.g., Miranda rights, Patient Confidentiality statement);
  • products and services (e.g., postal deliveries, service obligations under a contract).

SpeechGuard facilitates public and individual acceptance of thus translated laws, rules and regulations and improves compliance by non-English speakers. It also reduces liability and enforcement risks in contested cases through documented proof.


SpeechGuard streamlines the regular workflow and optimizes it toward greater productivity by eliminating, through linguistic triage and routine automation, the language-related workflow interruptions and bottlenecks.

To learn how you could benefit from SpeechGuard , especially in mission-critical and life-threatening situations, and how it can improve cost-benefit ratios and save time, funds, and even lives - see examples of specific applications for Police, Medical, Attorney and Military personnel

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