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If we don't … well, we'll make it for you!

Your company may be a multinational Fortune-500 giant conquering global markets, an emerging growth company looking for that critical competitive edge, or a small chain of food stores struggling to retain its market share in the rapidly changing metropolitan environment. In a sense it doesn't matter. What really matters is whether you deal with customers or employees who speak languages other than English. And in today's increasingly interconnected world that is commonplace reality for most companies: from the smallest neighborhood store facing the ever growing ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity at the local level to high-tech start-ups and major corporate conglomerates with global aspirations.

ECTACO SpeechGuard comes in three basic modifications for Police, Military, and Medical personnel. It could also be used by coast guards, INS personnel, first responders, firemen, security officers, transportation employees, government officials, social workers, and many other professionals.

We offer several levels of customization at very reasonable costs.

1. Customization by ECTACO (Made-to-order SpeechGuard).

Whether you need a completely different content or just an addition of some phrases to one of our basic SG versions, we offer the following range of services:
  • we program the content provided by you: phrases, text messages, reference data;
  • we translate your content into a specified set of languages (up to 25) providing both written and verbal translations;
  • we provide minor or major GUI enhancement: topic structure; font size; quickly accessed functions; linguistic, functional, and workflow-related optimization, etc.;
  • we provide SpeechGuard documentation, training and technical support to your key personnel;
  • we thoroughly test your special SpeechGuard version, wrap it, and send it to you.

2. User customization.

If you find that one of our basic SpeechGuard versions meets most of you needs, and you require only minor changes, like adding a few phrases, you can take advantage of user's customization. You can buy one of our basic versions and add phrases and text messages yourself. See details on user customization here. (description of how to add phrases).

Besides adding content you can make some fine-tuning as well. Speaker adaptation is only one such example. SpeechGuard is a speaker independent device, but you can tune it to your speech pattern more precisely and improve its ability to recognize what you are saying even in a noisy environment.

Yet another level of customization is integrating SpeechGuard with your own or 3rd-party equipment. To suit your needs, we can provide SpeechGuard with a special noise canceling external microphone or sound amplifiers (e.g., a bullhorn). We can also interface it with or embed in your own or 3rd-party equipment of your choice.

After you purchase SpeechGuard you have the ability to add phrases to it. But if you want it done by ECTACO professionals, please, send us the content you want and we'll take care of the rest. Most SpeechGuard data is stored on special flash memory cards. It means that we can always make changes to content, and send you the updated cards. All you will need to do is put the new card into your SpeechGuard .

We offer 1 year international warranty for labor and parts.

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