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SpeechGuard concept was developed in 2003 under a DARPA grant (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency within DOD SBIR program) primarily for military use. DARPA’s stated objective was "to build a noise-resistant, robust, portable, low cost, scalable, voice-enabled, speech recognition based, and multi-lingual translation device… with enhanced ASR (Advanced Speech Recognition) capabilities and ergonomic design usable for military purposes as well as adaptable for wide commercial distribution."

In keeping with DARPA objectives, SpeechGuard has certain unique features necessary to withstand the demands of heavy usage and harsh environments in mission-critical and life-threatening situations:

  • Ergonomic design and convenient controls;
  • Special configuration for low-cost mass production;
  • Extra robustness, portability and scalability for flexible field use;
  • Military-grade ease-of-learning and ease-of-use;
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen with advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface);
  • High-performance speaker;
  • Special noise-reduction features;
  • State-of-the-Art user-independent Speech Recognition with advanced acoustic and linguistic fine-tuning capabilities;
  • Flexible user-customization features.

SpeechGuard Specifications

CPU Sharp ARM922T Core @ 200MHz (LH7A404)
Flash ROM 4MB. 2 pcs of 2M bytes Flash
RAM 64M bytes Samsung SDRAM
LCD TFT LCD module (3.5 inches).
RGB 320 x 240 pixels
LCD brightness/contrast a. Digital control b. Internal VR for contrast fine-tune.
Touch Screen Yes
Screen backlight Bright LED. Come with TFT module.
Internal speaker Diameter: 50mm Impedance: 8 ohm Power: 2.0W
Volume control Digital control (through AD1885 audio codec).
By software control.
Internal mic YatTsun NF-D27L51
Mono input.
Level control by software.
Audio IC VT1612A or AD1885 (AC97) CODEC
Mic/Phone jack 2.5mm 4 pin jack with wiring:
1 - HP_Out_L
2 - HP_Out_R
3 - Mic2
4 - GND
Mic/Phone switch By software control
Charging system Yes
Power supply 1. Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1450mAh).
2. DC power 5V by switching AC adapter 2000mA 110-220V over USB slot
3. DC power input detection, battery level detection.
4. The battery is replaceable.
Status LEDs Red and Blue
DC jack No. Charging over USB slot & special AC adapter.
MMC and SD slot Can support 16M bytes to 4G bytes
USB MiniUSB slot. Slave mode. Master slave available in June 2007.
Keyboard 4 keys On/Off key.
Backup battery No.
Buzzer Yes
Reset Button Yes
Stylus Yes
Case Metal upper case, polished ABS plastic lower case

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