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I am writing you to express our great happiness with the translation products made by Ectaco. To put it quite simply, they are magnificent! Your MD-5 health/fire product is so easy to operate and so incredibly clear to understand that it shaves tremendous time off of emergency runs involving Spanish speaking individuals in need of care. Besides letting EMS easily walk through their evaluation procedures, the fire related translations can save lives by letting fire crews be able to communicate well enough to aid in their locating people inside.
William Konop, MA. Read full text...

The speechguard MD-5. Is desperatley needed in my department. I am an Emergency Room Nurse in Lawrence, Ks. We have a variety of students from all over the world that attend The University of Kansas and also work and reside here in Lawrence. It has been an issue in my Hospital with communicating with patients who do not speak English at all or who only speak little English. As a triage Nurse I am the front line of communication when they come in for medical attention or an emergency basis and medical attention and communication is important in a timely manner. I believe that my facility, Lawrence Memorial would highly benefit from the MD-5 and it's abilities to translate the 9 languages as programmed on the unit. Please send me the SD Card for the unit as soon as available and the civilian card so that we can continue to serve all of our patients healthcare needs. This could possibly save a life.

Thank you,
Stephanie Transue R.N.
Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Disaster Relief packages are now available for Emergency Response professionals.
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Medical, Fire & Rescue SpeechGuard

There are moments when providing medical or first responder attention can be critical. Not being able to communicate with a person in dire need due to language barriers can be very difficult, especially in life or limb circumstances. What about knowing if your patient is allergic to the medicine you're about to administer? Are they using medication that is contraindicative to what you're about to give them?

The ECTACO -SpeechGuard MD-5 has been developed specifically for the medical, fire and rescue community.

Current languages include Haitian and Spanish

The MD-5 understands thousands of typical medical, fire and rescue phrases spoken in English and is capable of pronouncing the translations in a multitude of languages. Ectaco will add content and languages required by agencies.

The MD-5 is ideal for situations when there's no time to wait for a translator to arrive. Speak into the unit and it repeats what you've said instantly. The MD-5 delivers loud, concise and even-tempered commands in any language. Customize your units based on what you need to say and get answers to. Ectaco customizes all MD-5 units based on your specifications.


Over 20 languages can be contained within a single MD-5.

You choose what languages you want in your unit.

Innovative Linguistic Solution for medical professionals!

  • Thousands of first responder and medical commands and phrases on the following topics: Registration, History, Medications, Pregnancy, Physical Exam, Fire, Trauma, Triage, etc.
  • English speech recognition that recognizes 700 different speech patterns and can "learn" and adapt to anyone's voice.
  • Search for single words or whole phrases.
  • Maintain complete control of the situation with hands/eyes free functionality.
  • Easily operate your unit with a touch-screen or navigational buttons day or night!
  • Create custom profiles for dozens of users.
Order your SpeechGuard MD-5 now and let us know how you want it customized.

Our Test-to-Buy program allows you to determine whether the MD-5 is appropriate for your agency. Return your units to us within 30 days of receiving them and get a full refund with no questions asked. If you decide to keep your units, let us know what additional content your agency requires and we will customize your units at no additional cost.

The price for SpeechGuard MD-5 is $950.

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