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On behalf of our organization, I am writing you to express our great happiness with the translation products made by Ectaco. To put it quite simply, they are magnificent!

As you know, our non-profit is designed specifically to donate, free of charge, Spanish language translation tools, including hand held translation machines, exclusively to government emergency, police, fire, public health and public school nurse's departments. For nearly six years in that capacity, we have tried various translators and different types of products from various manufacturers, but not until we were introduced last year by one of our recipient agencies (the Norwood, Ohio City Fire Department's Captain Charles Fischer) to Ectaco's SpeechGuard MD-5 and PD-5 products, had we ever had the opportunity to donate a product that was so comprehensively useful in real-world emergency situations.

Your MD-5 health/fire product is so easy to operate and so incredibly clear to understand that it shaves tremendous time off of emergency runs involving Spanish speaking individuals in need of care. Besides letting EMS easily walk through their evaluation procedures, the fire related translations can save lives by letting fire crews be able to communicate well enough to aid in their locating people inside. This communication ability also helps fire crew safety by letting them avoid taking unnecessary risks because they couldn't understand the Spanish speaking residents trying to tell them where the problem is in the building. We have donated this product and have many major city departments, including the entire City of Cincinnati Fire Department wanting us to donate large numbers to them, as we are able.

We have also donated a good number of your fantastic PD-5 law enforcement models to multiple city police departments and to state's attorney offices in Ohio and Kentucky. We can't say enough about this product. The police we have given them to say that it allows them to assist Spanish speaking persons in need of help and to speed up emergency police runs and investigations involving individuals who can't speak English. Police departments in Ohio call us all of the time about our helping them obtain these items. We plan to donate them across Ohio and to some day go national.

We think the best thing about the Ectaco products is that they are not only improving communications abilities for emergency services, but that they are also building bridges between those departments who use them and the Hispanic community. As our organization works with community groups and emergency departments, we can say without question that departments employing Ectaco translators have gained a great feeling of cooperation, consideration, appreciation and trust with the Hispanic community. These devices let Hispanics know that the departments care about their health and safety and that they should feel confident in reporting crimes against them and emergencies because every effort is being made to fully communicate with them. Having a Research Master of Arts Degree in Hispanic-American History, I can tell you confidently that your products are improving community relations. Ectaco translators are a great value as a tool, but their value as a bridge building device to the Hispanic community is priceless.

In conclusion, our organization is highly recommending your products to every department we talk to and spreading the word around the Hispanic community, where they are greatly appreciated. We also want to thank you and your company for your fast turn around on billing and delivery and your excellent service and accessibility.

Keep up the great work and your company should be proud of what it is doing.

Sincerely, William Konop

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