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When you have a potential client that does not speak English, it can sometimes be frustrating during initial consultation. The frustration may lead the potential opportunity to go elsewhere. Maximize your opportunities for representation with SpeechGuard AT-4.

The ECTACO -SpeechGuard AT-4 has been developed specifically for the legal community.

The AT-4 understands thousands of phrases spoken in English and is capable of pronouncing the translations in a multitude of languages. Ectaco content and languages required by firms.

The AT-4 is ideal for situations when there's no time to wait for a translator to arrive. Speak into the unit and it repeats what you've said instantly. The AT-4 delivers loud, concise and even-tempered commands in any language.

Customize your units based on what you need to say and get answers to. Ectaco customizes all AT-4 units based on your specifications.

Over 20 languages can be contained within a single AT-4.

You choose what languages you want in your unit.

Innovative Linguistic Solution for Law Enforcement!

  • Thousands of instructions and questions on the following topics: Appointments, Definitions, Basic Interview, Fees, Sentencing, Motor Vehicle Interview, and Criminal Interview
  • English speech recognition that recognizes 700 different speech patterns and can “learn” and adapt to anyone's voice.
  • Search for single words or whole phrases.
  • Easily operate your unit with a touch-screen or navigational buttons day or night!
  • Access your most frequently used commands and phrases conveniently in “My SpeechGuard”.
Order your SpeechGuard AT-4 now and let us know how you want it customized.

Our Test-to-Buy program allows you to determine whether the AT-4 is appropriate for your agency. Return your units to us within 30 days of receiving them and get a full refund with no questions asked. If you decide to keep your units, let us know what additional content your agency requires and we will customize your units at no additional cost.

The price for SpeechGuard AT-4 is $950 for a single unit.

Your SpeechGuard purchase includes

Accessorize your units with powerful megaphones modified specifically for use with SpeechGuard in loud noise environments or over an extended distance. Effectively get your message across loudly and crisply by connecting your SpeechGuard to this lightweight and easy to use megaphone for $250.
Call us at 718-728-6110 or complete the following for more information.

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