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A new handheld multilingual speech-to-speech translator to be unveiled by ECTACO at READY!

(Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C., July 28-29, 2004)
Tim Houston, Director of
Business Development
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New York, NY- July 7, 2004 - ECTACO, Inc. will unveil its new handheld speech-to-speech multilingual translator - SpeechGuard at READY! (The Emergency Preparedness and Response Conference and Exposition. Washington, D.C. Convention Center, July 28-29, 2004).

SpeechGuard, partially developed under a DARPA grant for innovative global communication technology, is on the cutting edge of a new generation of products striving to bring down the language barrier.

As a speech-to-speech multilingual translator, SpeechGuard allows a military, security or law enforcement officer to issue commands, transmit important information or ask questions in any of 50+ languages selected. It works very simply: you speak English - SpeechGuard speaks the language of your choice.

A special "linguistic triage" module for efficient handling of emergency situations is intended for medical, military, security, and police personnel as well as other first responders, rescue and recovery specialists. It can be further customized by the user and by the manufacturer to fit the specific needs of a particular application.

SpeechGuard is more than a translation device. It is strategically positioned as a professional productivity tool, emulating and optimizing standard methods and procedures for ultimate effectiveness and policy compliance. SpeechGuard is a next-generation indispensable tool for anyone on a military, security or law enforcement mission, whether routine like delivering a Miranda warning or demanding like high-risk antiterrorist activities.

At the time of escalating global interdependence and the mounting challenges it presents, both domestically and overseas, the need for effective cross-lingual communication tools is becoming ever so urgent. Says Ectaco's CEO David Lubinitsky: "We at Ectaco are confident that SpeechGuard is going to foster cross-lingual understanding and meet the challenges of international strife sweeping the world in its absence. We intend to take this product to the top of its league, making it most advanced technologically and most responsive to real-life needs. This is our vision for SpeechGuard and we are fully committed to it."

At the show there will be live SpeechGuard demonstrations. Ectaco-affiliated police beta-testers will be on hand for Q&A.

For more information on SpeechGuard call 718-728-6110 x 219 or visit (www.SpeechGuard.com).

About ECTACO, Inc.

ECTACO, Inc. is a New York based company specializing in multilingual global communications with over 14 years of experience, 20 offices and millions of satisfied customers worldwide. We have developed a great variety of handheld translation devices and software, ranging from simple electronic dictionaries to powerful speech-to-speech translation systems featuring the latest advancements in speech recognition and machine translation. For more information on ECTACO, Inc. call 718-728-6110 x 219 or visit www.ectaco.com.

About READY!

READY! The Emergency Preparedness and Response Conference and Exposition is produced and managed by National Trade Productions, Inc. READY! concentrates on the four key areas of emergency response and homeland security - preparation, prevention, response and recovery. READY! offers government complete security solutions encompassing physical, I.T. and cyber security needs. READY! allows multiple security officers from one agency or administration - first responders, public safety professionals, and city and/or county managers alike - find out exactly what they need to overcome the obstacles they face within their zone of responsibility. For more information on READY!, call 703-243-4515 or visit www.readyusainfo.com.

READY! will be co-located with both GOVSEC, the Government Security Conference and Exposition, and the U.S. Law Enforcement Conference and Exposition (U.S. LAW). GOVSEC is the only show that provides complete I.T. and physical solutions for the government marketplace. More information is available online at www.govsecinfo.com. U.S. LAW focuses on the central issues facing law enforcement professionals at federal, state and local levels. More information is available online at www.uslawenforcement.com.

Attending READY!

For information on press registration for READY!, contact Linda Dickerhoof at ldickerhoof@ntpshow.com or call 703-243-4515.

For information on attending READY!, contact Missy Moran at mmoran@ntpshow.com or call 703-683-8500.

Ectaco has a limited number of complimentary Ready! Expo passes. Contact Rosalie A. Schaffir at Rosalie@Ectaco.com or call 718-728-6110 x 219 to inquire if you qualify.

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