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November 1st, 2004 - for immediate release

Tim Houston
Director of Business Development

Free Customized Multilingual Communication Provided with SpeechGuard

New York, NY-Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in the development of electronic dictionaries, translators and linguistic software, announces free customization of the SpeechGuard PD-4. Using technology developed for the U.S. military, the SpeechGuard PD-4 has been modified to help first responders and others in law enforcement communicate with victims or others who do not speak English.

"This handheld product has the potential to save lives in extreme situations, and facilitates conversation day-to-day," notes Ectaco, Inc CEO David Lubinitsky. "We are offering free customization of units for law enforcement personnel because we recognize that the needs of agencies vary, and have increased the capability of our product by allowing departments to test and evaluate the unit."

The SpeechGuard PD-4 is a handheld translator that comes preloaded with thousands of the most common phrases used in the line of duty by law enforcement professionals. Police officers have immediate access to dozens of languages anytime and anywhere. "Communication is the first step in effective intervention and key to positive outcomes in many situations," notes Mr. Lubinitsky. "Being able to verbally exchange information improves interpersonal relations between people of diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds." He explains that officers say a phrase and SpeechGuard repeats what they have said in the language they have selected. Easy to use, the device has sound that is both concise and powerful.

"Agencies let us know what changes and additions they would like for us to make, and we work with our translators to ensure the accuracy of pre-loaded customized commands", says Lubinitsky. "For less initial investment our customers get more value with this feature that we are able to offer by optimizing internal resources." Ectaco employs linguists, programmers, designers and engineers who collaborate to produce the most cost effective and high quality units on the market.

Most departments cannot afford to have translators on staff, and officers struggle to communicate with non-English speaking civilians. Such situations, in some cases, have led to expensive litigation-not to mention poor relations with residents in ethnically diverse communities.

Since the founding of the company in 1990, six generations of translators and dictionaries that include more than 50 languages have been developed. They are used by millions around the world. Businessmen and tourists, first responders and students have all come to rely on the brand that is sold in 16 countries.

Law enforcement agencies are invited to visit www.speechguard.com or call 718-728-6110, for more information.

ECTACO, Inc., is a New York based company specializing in multilingual global communications, with more than 15 years of experience, 18 offices and millions of satisfied customers. We have developed a great variety of handheld translation devices and software, ranging from simple electronic dictionaries to powerful speech-to-speech translation systems that feature the latest advancements in speech recognition and machine translation.

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