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New York, NY - August 20, 2004 - for immediate release

Tim Houston
Director of Business Development

Before your department expends too much time and money dealing with language barrier induced litigation, consider Ectaco Inc.'s SpeechGuard PD-4. SpeechGuard can contribute to saving lives, property and also enhance your relationships with non-English speaking communities.

Until now, many officers in the field have struggled communicating with civilians who do not speak English. Most law enforcement agencies do not have sufficient experienced linguists on staff. Some can't afford waiting for translators to arrive at critical times. If these are issues you can relate to, SpeechGuard PD-4 is a viable solution for you.

SpeechGuard was initially developed as part of DARPA's Babylon project for the US Army. It is meant to serve as an immediate communication tool between local residents and deployed special-ops units.

SpeechGuard PD-4 is a Police-modified version of the original, military oriented SpeechGuard GI-4. The SpeechGuard PD-4 unit was created specifically for law enforcement personnel and has thousands of the most common phrases used by officers. Law enforcement is now able to speak dozens of languages at anytime anywhere.

Officers in the field just speak English and SpeechGuard repeats what they have said in the language of their choice.

Law enforcement agencies can now participate in Ectaco Inc.'s testing program for SpeechGuard and become familiar with how the PD-4 works. For a demonstration or more information call 718-728-6110, email timothy.houston@ectaco.com or visit www.speechguard.com.


ECTACO, Inc. is a New York based company specializing in multilingual global communications with over 14 years of experience, 20 offices and millions of satisfied customers worldwide. We have developed a great variety of handheld translation devices and software, ranging from simple electronic dictionaries to powerful speech-to-speech translation systems featuring the latest advancements in speech recognition and machine translation. For more information on ECTACO, Inc.
call 718-728-6110 or visit www.ectaco.com.

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