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How does SpeechGuard work? - Very simply! - You speak English; SpeechGuard speaks the Language of your choice.


All phrases in SpeechGuard's memory are divided into Topics. Main window shows a list of Topics, including user-created MySpeechGuard Topic. To start - just select an appropriate topic.


The "Setup" button opens a Settings screen where you can adjust sound parameters, select the target language, the voice (male or female), and other options.
The "Home" button switches to the homepage of the current topic or subtopic, or to the Main Homepage.
The "Add" button adds the selected phrase to MySpeechGuard Topic for quick and easy access, thus allowing users to build their own customized SpeechGuard lexicons approximating their job functions and procedures.
The "Hints" button provides various useful dialogue-forming phrases to elicit easy-to-understand answers and control the way people respond to questions.
The "Find" button provides an easy search function, listing all available phrases by a specified key word.


When you select a Topic, you see a screen with a list of subtopics and corresponding lists of phrases under each subtopic.

In the four corners of the screen you see software control buttons (Home, Add, Hints & Find) providing easy access to most essential functions. For user convenience, these software buttons duplicate the four black hardware control buttons at the bottom of SpeechGuard (cf. Front View above). In the same manner, the "Setup" software button at the top of the screen corresponds to the hardware "Setup" button.


All phrases in SpeechGuard's memory are divided into Topics. There are three ways to choose the phrase you need in a particular topic:

  1. Manually - by selecting a phrase from the list. In this case you just navigate through the topic structure using touch screen or hardware buttons. It's also a useful way to familiarize yourself with the content. As you select the phrase you need, its translation in the target language appears at the bottom of the screen. If you want it pronounced you just press the "Say" button.

  2. Using the search function. To get the phrase you need more quickly, press the "Find" button and type a key-word. All phrases containing this key-word will appear on screen (including synonyms and other linguistic approximations).

  3. Using voice function. Say a phrase into the built-in microphone in English and SpeechGuard will recognize it and produce its spoken version in the target language. This is the fastest way to get the phrase you want.


SpeechGuard uses state-of-the-art speaker-independent speech recognition technology. It means that regardless of the individual pronunciation or other particular speech characteristics, the majority of users will be able to choose topic phrases by voice with equally good results. To improve SpeechGuard's ability to recognize their specific speech pattern, SpeechGuard users are offered an adaptation procedure during which the system adjusts to their individual speech characteristics. The adaptation procedure requires the user to pronounce a series of specially selected "adaptation phrases".


The "Setup" button opens a Settings screen where you can adjust sound parameters, select the target language, the voice (male or female), and other options.


You can connect SpeechGuard to various external devices

PC-Link provides quick data link between SpeechGuard and PC. You can connect SpeechGuard to external speaker (e.g. bullhorn) using a phone socket. For better speech recognition in noisy environments you may use an external noise canceling microphone.

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